How long does shipping take?

Standard Tracked – 2 to 4 working days

How long does it take to charge?

Thanks to the Mixxit wireless fast charger it takes only 2 hours to fully charge your Mixxit.

How many blends can I do when fully charged?

On a full battery you can blend between 8-12 times, depending on what you blend. For example, blending your favorite protein shake uses less power than blending fruit and vegetables.

Can I put Mixxit in the fridge?

Yes you can put your bottle in the door of the fridge.
Be sure not to put your Mixxit against the back of the fridge, as the contents will freeze and can cause damage to the bottle.

How do I take care of my Mixxit?

Your Mixxit is made of durable materials, please remember that just like other glass bottles, you should always handle it with care.

Your Mixxit has a convenient carry handle so it can go wherever your day takes you. We recommend that you do not leave your Mixxit in direct sunlight or in your car during hot summer days as the extreme heat can weaken the rubbers on your Mixxit.

Even though Mixxit is waterproof we recommend that you hand wash your bottle with warm soapy water.

Do not put your Mixxit in the dishwasher.

Allow your Mixxit to air dry completely with the lid open. This will help avoid unwanted moisture build up in your Mixxit and around the seals.

We recommend storing your Mixxit with the lid off, as this will help keep your Mixxit looking and smelling fresh.

Avoid using fizzy liquids such as mineral water and soft drinks as this can cause excessive pressure build-up in your bottle, which can lead to breakage.

Do not pour boiling water directly into your Mixxit, water with a maximum temperature of 70 degrees is no problem.

Do i have warranty ?

Yes, as a consumer you have 24 months of warranty. Please be sure to keep your receipt.

Can I blend frozen fruits ?

Yes, with Mixxit you can blend frozen fruits. Please note, you will get less blends on a full battery because of the hardness of frozen fruits.

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